Salt Lake Speaks

Ep 47 Salt Lake Speaks - The Best of The Beehive Edition

June 27, 2018

Salt Lake Speaks is Salt Lake magazine’s regular podcast digging deeper into stories with experts in local politics, arts, culture and food to give you dear reader the best of life in Utah. Today we’re talking with Salt lake magazine’s managing editor Christie Marcy and Executive Editor Mary Brown Malouf to celebrate this year's Best of the Beehive Winners. 

This weeks podcast is brought to you by, The Children's Hour, a locally owned boutique and bookstore for women and children of all ages. Our carefully curated mix of clothing, shoes, jewelry, books, and gifts assures a delightful shopping experience. We are located in the heart of the 9th & 9th neighborhood of Salt Lake City, Utah, and look forward to meeting and greeting new and old friends.

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